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    Work, safety, military, service and leisure shoes

    Footwear There are 364 products.


    • Bowling shoes

      Bowling shoes

    • Slippers
      Home shoes, slippers and slippers
    • Galoshes

      Shoe covers

    • Rubber shoes

      Work and safety natural rubber, rubber, PU and PVC footwear


    • Firefighting shoes

      Safety and intervention footwear, clothing, gloves and accessories for fire brigade

      professional sections, volunteer firefighters, rescuers, special units, etc.


    • Slippers

      Footwear for hospitals and sanitary facilities

    • Shoe covers

      Rubber shoe covers

    • Working shoes

      Work and safety boots


    • Protiminová obuv

      Special footwear with protective effect against landmines 35-50 g HE

    • Special shoes

      Footwear designed according to specific requirements of selected professions


    • Dance shoes

      Dance Shoes (Dance Rooms) & Dance Dance Shoes

    • Military footwear

      A collection of products for the military, police, intervention units, security guards and other professional users


    • Leisure Shoes

      Footwear for work, leisure activities and sports


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    Showing 1 - 30 of 364 items
    Showing 1 - 30 of 364 items