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ZEMAN FIRESTAR-BH F2I rubber fire fighting boots


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Firefighting rubber shin shoes

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Height37 cm
Weight2.4 kg
Type(D) High+
PropertiesSteel Toe Cap + steel insole
Footwear certificationEN 20345 - Specifies safety footwear for professional use, which is marked with the letter "S". The basic parameter of safety footwear is the built-in impact-resistant tip 200J.
EN 15090Specifies safety shoes for fire extinguishing applications that are marked with the letter "F"
EN 50321 class 0Dielectric footwear for low voltage installation up to 1000 V, maximum rated ac voltage 1000 V, max. Rated DC voltage 1500 V
AAntistatic shoes
CICold resistance
FOResistance of footwear to fuels and oils
HIThermal resistance of the lower part of the shoe
HVHighly visible elements
HIPPOResistance of the sole to contact heat up to 300 ° C
IElectrical insulation shoes


  1. Non-slip resistance : firefighters use fire extinguishing rubber boots in the slip resistance test, slip angle of at least 15 °
  2. Break resistance : fire-resistant rubber fire-fighting boots, tested with a static pressure test of 1078 CN and a impact toughness of 23 KG and a drop test height of 300 mm and a descent of at least 15 mm
  3. Puncture resistance : Puncture resistance of the extinguishing rubber shoe is not less than 1100 N.
  4. Cut protection: Firefighters' rubber bands are cut with a total weight of 800 G without being pierced.
  5. Electrical insulation performance : fire protection is not less than 5,000 V and the current is less than 3 mA.
  6. Thermal insulation efficiency : when the rubber boots are heated for 30 minutes during the thermal insulation test, the sole temperature is not higher than 22 ° C
  7. Acid and base resistance : fire-resistant footwear with protective rubber material at 23 ° C + 2 ° C to 3,7 MOL / L acidic and alkaline, 6,0 MOL / L sodium hydroxide solution for 70 h + 2 h, no significant change in physical and mechanical properties properties
  8. Oil resistance : Fire resistant shoes with protective rubber material at 23 ° C + 2 ° C for 1 # Standard oil soaked for 24 hours, change in volume inside - 2 - / + 10%
  9. Resistance to heat radiation penetration : fire-fighting shoes with protective rubber material, surface radiant heat load is 10 kW / ㎡ + 1 kW / ㎡, 1 min after exposure, the surface temperature of the material is not more than 22 °C.


  • Flame-resisting / heat-resisting rubber upper
  • Nitrile Rubber Sole, to withstand 300 deg c
  • Anti Bacterial Insole (Foot Bed) for Moisture Regulation
  • Double reinforced Pull - On Loops
  • Stainless Steel Mid Sole
  • Safety Toe Cap, 200 Joule
  • One piece Kevlar Interior Lining
  • Cushioned shin guard
  • To be fully compliant with NFPA 1971-2013 & 1992-2012 BS EN 344, BS EN 345-1, and BS EN 345-2:1996
  • Ventilation opening in the upper section of the leg to ensure high wearing Comfort
  • Padding throughout including edge zone
  • Ankle Zone stiffening
  • Lateral and Back 3M Reflective Strips
  • Construction - Vulcanized rubber, black color with heat resistant high visibility reflective and yellow trim, bunker style, 14 “ height


  • packaging carton size: 52*47*32cm
  • 5 pairs/carton
  • G.W is 14.5 kg/carton
  • N.W is 14 kg/carton

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ZEMAN FIRESTAR-BH F2I rubber fire fighting boots

ZEMAN FIRESTAR-BH F2I rubber fire fighting boots

Firefighting rubber shin shoes

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