VIKING professional military and police boots


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High tactical shoes VIKING O2 WRU FO SRC

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CICold resistance
EN 20347The standard provides for professional footwear with the designation 'O'. The basic parameter of work shoes is that it does not have a steel toe.
FOResistance of footwear to fuels and oils
Weight1.8 kg
O2Antistatic properties, resistance of the sole to fuels, absorption of energy of the heel part + penetration and absorption of water
OutsolePU / PU
SRCNon-slip sole on the floor with ceramic tiles with SLS and on steel floor with glycerol (SRC same as SRA + SRB)
Type(C) High
Height24 cm
WRUResistance to water penetration and water absorption
  • Modern tactical footwear created in cooperation with border guards - designed for long-term operation in particularly challenging terrain conditions of the border: mountains, wetlands and forests.
  • Shoes made of high-quality waterproof natural leather with additional toe protection and durable soles.


  • High upper made of natural cowhide, topped with a soft collar filled with foam, ensures waterproofness with proper venting of the shoe and heat dissipation to the outside
  • Closed tongue prevents water, sand or small stones from penetrating inside the shoe


  • Padding made with the addition of activated carbon, antibacterial with high sweat absorption, aerated, supports the natural shape of the user's foot, ensures high comfort of use;


  • The outsole is made of two-layer polyurethane (PU / PU), in which the upper layer provides sufficient softness and elasticity, while the bottom layer is resistant to abrasion, tearing and other mechanical damage;
  • The outsole has anti-slip properties, ensuring stability and safe movement in any terrain;
  • a suitably deep tread facilitates edge or ladder overcoming, and the shock absorber used in the heel ensures shock absorption and increases comfort when using shoes;


  • Cross PU / PU
  • made of two-layer polyurethane
  • non-slip, resistant to oils, fats and other solvents
  • Cracking and aeration resistant
  • high foot stability in shoes


  • Quick shoe making system - shoe hook system facilitates shoe making while preventing unintentional unzipping of the shoe making; additionally a blocking hook.
  • Synthetic laces with hydrophobic properties, resistant to friction.

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VIKING professional military and police boots

VIKING professional military and police boots

High tactical shoes VIKING O2 WRU FO SRC

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