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Socks MAGNUM Harm - Military and Police Accessories


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MAGNUM Harm Socks - military and police accessories

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  • Strong socks, suitable for heavy loads
  • They contain a special SILTEX fiber, a special fiber treated with an antibacterial additive based on biogenic silver ions. These ingredients do not harm the body or the environment. It prevents the multiplying of bacteria, fungus and fungus, reduces unpleasant odes, maintains the biological balance of the skin and ensures hygienic freshness of the product during sports and relaxation.
  • When antibacterial additives are applied to fibrous matter, they remain permanently retained in the fabric even after multiple washing.
  • They are a very good choice for use in MAGNUM shoes
  • Ingredients: 45% polyester (sensura), 25% cotton, 15% polypropylene, 10% polyamide, 5% elastan

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