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WOODCUTTER-PL rubber safety boots for working with a chainsaw


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  • Safety rubber lumberjack boots

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Height28 cm
Weight2.8 kg
Type(D) High+
Footwear certificationEN 20345 - Specifies safety footwear for professional use, which is marked with the letter "S". The basic parameter of safety footwear is the built-in impact-resistant tip 200J.
EN 17249: 2013It meets the requirements for safety shoes with resistance to chainsaws.
Class 2Class 2 - Chainsaw protection (24 m / s)
EAbsorption of energy in the heel
FOResistance of footwear to fuels and oils
SBProtective toe 200J, footwear meets only basic requirements
SRANon-slip sole for floors with ceramic tiles with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate solution)

Safety shoes

In accordance with:

EN ISO 20345: 2004 / A1: 2007 SB, E, SRA
EN ISO 17249: 2004 KLASA 2

Certified SETRA Technology Center Wyndham Way, Telford Way, Kettering, Nordhamptonshire, NN 16 8SD United Kingdom, notified person No. 0321, WE No. 3656 of 25.06.2010.

The shoes are designed for chainsaw workers as personal protective equipment. Rust resistance of the chainsaw - level 2 (chain speed 24 m / s). The special material used reduces the risk of personal injury caused by cutting. In addition, it protects the foot from water, moisture and pressure. Shoes are made of natural and synthetic materials. The lining material is made of cotton and polyester. The shoes have a steel toe. Impact resistance: 200 J. Pressure resistance: 15000 Newtons

More information:

heel energy absorption tested for 20 jouls
SRA Slip resistance on ceramic tiles with sodium lauryl sulfate
collar to protect against small falling objects
Interlayer of impact-resistant material
Size range: 40 - 48 EUR
Weight: 3.3 kg
Height: 38 cm

Color: black and orange

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WOODCUTTER-PL rubber safety boots for working with a chainsaw

WOODCUTTER-PL rubber safety boots for working with a chainsaw

  • Safety rubber lumberjack boots

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