Principle of Membrane

Czech Footwear ZEMAN® one of the largest producers of special security and workleather shoes in the Czech Republic. As the first in 1996 in the CR also developedand mass-produced safety, labor and combat boots with membrane liners GORE-TEX® and SYMPATEX®. Show collections for emergency fire-fighting units and footwearfor military special forces.

Currently in production is mainly used SYMPATEX® and WINDTEX® membrane lining the DRILEX®. Shoes equipped with membrane lining is marked with a pictogram in the catalog.


Principle of membrane lining:

Completely waterproof membrane laminated between the lining andthe upper part of the shoe. It is highly flexible, because it can absorb the pressure on the shoes when walking without unwanted leakage. Membrane is also extremely breathable - the key to the system of channels that effectively removes perspiration to the surface. Membrane pores noclogs is so breathable, and youuse does not diminish because of the long stay dry and comfortable.


Use of shoes with membrane lining:

Excellent insulation membrane linings in conjunction with the use of hydrophobic (water repellent) tops leather sole and a special permit has perfect legsto isolate the external environment. The foot remains dry for long wear. Boots aretested in a simulator walking in a water bath of 500,000 cycles. There must be no-penetration of water into the boot. Footwear is designed for long-term wear on the ground in extreme climatic conditions, rescuers, firefighters, rapid response, rescue and army units, police, customs, transport, civil engineers, foresters and hunters ...


  • The shoes with membrane liners to provide a standard 24 month warranty on waterproofing and breathability to water vapor in the treatment of footwear according to the manufacturer's recommendations


  • In our own development center, we can create special versions according to specific customer needs (sole, applications, winter lining, etc ...)


  • Routine maintenance and appearance can be improved waterproofing sprays and cream companies Collonil (also available at ZEMAN)


  • We, of course, warranty and post-warranty repairs