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Terms and conditions

I. General Provisions

Relations between the buyer and seller are subject to these terms and conditions, which are also binding on both parties. The conditions specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller - the company TECHNOGROUP Ltd. and its customers - buyers. By entering into the contract - placing an order through e -commerce, the buyer confirms that trading conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller.

II. Subject of the contract

The contract is only the goods specified in the contract - order. Description of products and goods on the website in e -mail offers, catalogs, brochures and other printed information is information, subject to change updates danného goods or product.

TECHNOGROUP Ltd. hereinafter referred to as - selling -, is committed to our customers will only deliver goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or features usual for a given commodity satisfactory by the standards, rules and regulations applicable in the EU.

III. Ordering goods and contract

Order goods made by the customer via the internet order form on the website is legally binding. The buyer has the right to withdraw the order at any time before the goods from the warehouse of the supplier. Other conditions are standard, corresponding principles of morality and decency.

IV. Price and payment

Product price is set by the seller and listed online at e -shop In the case of exchange rate changes according to the CNB by more than 3 % it automatically update prices. The base currency is EUR.

The purchase price is considered to be paid by crediting the purchase price to the seller's bank account.

The invoice issued under a contract - orders between the seller and the buyer also serves as an invoice.

The buyer may accept the goods after full payment, unless otherwise agreed in this.

In the event the purchaser shall pay in advance and the seller is unable to deliver the selected goods, the seller shall immediately return performance of the customer agreed manner. The period depends on the way back (bank transfer, postal transfer).

V. Place of performance

The place of performance is the buyer's warehouse or other place designated by the buyer for the handover of goods.

VI. Delivery time

Delivery period begins on the date the purchase contract - orders ( if sent by mail purchase agreement upon receipt of the purchase contract by the seller). Length delivery time depends on the requirements of the buyer to specify or modify a standard product. Delivery time is listed on- line catalog in detail.

VII. Transport of goods

Transport of goods provided by the seller, depending on the size of the order for payment or free of charge. Goods are delivered by the seller to the location specified by the buyer.

VIII. Warranty and Service

Guarantee for the goods sold by the seller provides a generally binding legal regulations. The warranty period for all products is 24 months. The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice for the goods to the buyer.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects in products or other defects not caused by improper or careless handling, use of the product inconsistent with its purpose, mechanical damage or wear, natural disasters such as lightning or other atmospheric discharge, fire or water, or other non-standard action phenomena such as overvoltage, or telephone network. The warranty does not apply to products with removed seals manufacturer, or for items damaged mechanically.

Seller agrees to remove the defect goods which are the subject of justified and properly filed complaint reparation in exchange for the same product or exchange for a similar product, but possessing the same characteristics as the original product. The method of claim shall be the sole seller.

In case of justified complaints seller transports the repaired product to the customer at his own cost shipping company.

IX. Complaints of damaged shipment

When accepting the shipment consignee shall check whether the packaging is intact and that the consignment does not show obvious signs of damage. If a customer finds an obvious defects (such as damaged packaging ) may refuse shipment. In case of acquisition of such consignments, the crew vehicle transportation services required to include in the consignment note that the consignment was taken with damaged packaging. If a customer finds a hidden defect goods, he shall notify the Seller without delay, and no later than two calendar days from the date the shipment was delivered.

X. Final Provisions

These terms and conditions apply to the extent a text that is shown on the website of the seller the day of sending electronic orders via the order form.

Participants explicitly within the meaning of § 262 paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code, agreed that unless the conditions expressly stated otherwise, the rights and obligations of the Commercial Code, in particular the provisions of § 409 and following.

In Prague, on January 1, 2014

Ing. Libor Zeman, CEO, own hands

Terms and conditions are valid from January 1, 2014
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