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Instruction of use

Dear customer,

you have bought quality shoes of brand ZEMAN. So that they could serve long time to your complete satisfaction, you should flollow the instructions bellow:

  • Use the shoes in the surroundings they are assigned to
  • After each use clean them and dry next to indirect source of heat
  • Treat the shoes with appropriate polish

If not for special use, protect the shoes from:

  • High temperatures
  • Contact with chemicals, solvents, mineral oils, fats etc

Damages caused by disregarding these instructions cannot be claimed.

We recomended follow suitable polish products for membrane lining shoes:

  • Collonil Outdoor sport proof - waterproofing concentrate
  • KIWI Aquastop - universal impregnation spray

We recomended follow suitable polish products for non-membrane lining shoes:

  • Commercially avalaible polish for the treatment of shoes

In Prague, June 1, 2014

Ing. Libor Zeman, CEO, v.r.

Instruction of use is valid from 1.1.2011!
Released: TECHNOGROUP s.r.o., 687 42 Osvětimany 385, leden 2011
Fax: +420 573 902 055
Registration number: 3-2014