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  • bellows tongue
  • disinfection
  • increased breathability
  • increased water resistance
  • metal free
  • PRT FLEX technology
  • replaceable insole
  • unisex footwear

Více informací

Materiálvelour leather
PodšívkaTechnologická tkanina
Stélkafabric, replaceable insole
Podeševpu/pu, PRT FLEX technology, SHOCK ABSORBER technology
Typ(B) Kotník
Normanot applicable
Certifikacenot applicable
Produktová řadaGROM LIGHT
Špička obuviresistant to deformation, light, elastic
Konstrukce botymid-calf footwear
Určeno prounisex
The Protektor Grom tactical boots made of high-quality velour leather are a guarantee for reliability and professionalism. They are made with the latest SHOCK ABSORBER technology, ensuring a high level of comfort and exceptional resistance to damage and weather conditions. The special lining wicks away excess moisture to the outside, making the boots easier to use on a daily basis. They fit ideally to the foot, which significantly increases wearing comfort. A wide range of sizes makes finding the right work boots extremely easy.

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