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  • bellows tongue
  • disinfection
  • increased durability of the upper
  • PRT FLEX technology
  • replaceable insole
  • unisex footwear

Více informací

Materiálgrain leather/fabric
PodšívkaTechnologická tkanina
Stélkafabric, replaceable insole
Podeševpu/pu, PRT FLEX technology, SHOCK ABSORBER technology
Typ(B) Kotník
Produktová řadaGROM
Špička obuviresistant to deformation, light, elastic
Konstrukce botymid-calf footwear
Určeno prounisex
The combination of modern technology and many years of experience made it possible to create the Protektor Grom tactical boots, which prove themselves in many situations and meet even the highest demands. Their universal design makes them suitable for professional soldiers, employees of uniformed services, but also for people who like military style. They are made of grain leather and durable fabric, which allows them to be used for a long time without visible signs of wear. The sturdy sole allows you to move on uneven surfaces without feeling uncomfortable. The Grom boots are perfect for military exercises on training grounds, in barracks and airports.

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