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Complaints procedure

issued by the company TECHNOGROUP Ltd. (the "Seller")

It serves to ensure the correct procedure for applying and processing complaints of defects of consumer goods.

He was drafted in accordance with Act No.40/1964., Civil Law, as amended, and Act No.634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection, as amended.

Article 1


If the thing sold for over the purchaser in conformity with the contract or if there is a defect in the goods purchased, the buyer can exercise his right of the seller's liability for defective goods.The defect can not be change in the characteristics of the goods occurring during the warranty period due to wear and tear or improper use, or.improper intervention.

If the buyer exercises his right of liability for defective goods (hereinafter referred to as claims), the store manager or the authorized officer shall decide on the legitimacy of the claim immediately, in more complex cases within 3 working days.This period does not include the time needed for a professional assessment of the defect.The premises must be maintained throughout the operational period of present staff in charge of dealing with complaints.

Claim, including warranty claims shall be settled:

  1. without undue delay, within 30 calendar days from the date of application,
  2. such longer period to which the seller and buyer may agree.

After the lapse of time for processing claims the buyer has the same rights as if it was a defect that can not be removed pursuant to Article 6 hereof.

Store manager or the authorized officer shall take the claim if the goods are properly cleaned, dried and does not claim a general assessment of hygiene.

Article 2


Buyers should make a claim, preferably in a shop in which goods were purchased.The buyer has the right to lodge a complaint:

  1. in any premises belonging to the seller, in which the adoption can claim, with regard to the range of goods sold,
  2. in place or place of business seller.

The buyer is obliged to prove that his right to settle the claim is legitimate, ie.That in addition to defects blamed shows the location and the price for buying goods, which demonstrates the best sales receipt, warranty, or.other credible way.

Article 3


The seller is responsible for ensuring that the thing sold is to take over the buyer in accordance with the contract, even for defects occurring after receipt by the buyer in case the warranty period.

The deadline for filing a complaint (warranty period) is 24 months from the date of receipt of goods in shop.At the request of the buyer, the seller is obliged to give the buyer the sale warranty card showing the scope and terms of warranties.Permitted by the nature of the case, it suffices to place the warranty Proof of purchase things.The right to claim the goods the buyer shall lapse if not exercised within the warranty period.

Claim, the purchaser should apply without delay immediately after the discovery of the defect, claim to be properly assessed and dealt with.The warranty period can not be confused

with a normal life goods, ie.a period during which the proper use and care of the goods due to its features, purpose and intensity differences in the use of stand.

Will a claim to return faulty goods for new time limit for filing a complaint at taking over again from the new buyer of the goods.

Article 4


V If the goods while goods takeover buyer does not comply with the contract of sale, the buyer has the right to charge the seller uvedl goods into the contract that the purchasing equivalent, and according to buyers by exchanging item or its repair, unless such a procedure possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the agreement.This is not the case, if the buyer about the conflict with the contract knew or conflict with the contract he has caused.

If it does not contradict the nature of the case, or if it is proven otherwise conflict with the contract, which appears during the first six months of the takeover is considered a contradiction existing in the receipt of goods.

Article 5


For fixing the defect is considered a defect, when their removal will not suffer the appearance, function and quality of products and repair can be done properly in the time.The deadline for the removal of defects shall not exceed 30 calendar days, or.a longer period of time for which the seller and the buyer agreed.Assessment of character flaws for the seller.

The seller is obliged to give free of charge and without unnecessary delay to the state corresponding to the purchase contract, and according to the buyer in exchange either case, if this is not disproportionate to the nature of the defect, or repair.If such a procedure possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the agreement.

In the case of a release of second-hand goods are defective, the buyer may require only free, timely and proper removal of defects, while the seller is obliged to defect without undue delay.

The time from filing a complaint until the buyer after repair was required to accept the goods, to the warranty period.The seller must give the purchaser a certificate (card complaints) about the claim asserted, as well as repair and its duration.

Article 6


The unrecoverable considered such defects within a specified period not completely removed and that prevents the product could be properly used.In the case of irreparable defect, the buyer may require:

  1. The exchange of goods for another perfect,
  2. The purchase contract (the buyer returns the defective product and receive a refund of the purchase price).

If you have goods to other irremovable defects that prevent its use, and unless the buyer exchange of the right buyer there is a reasonable discount on the price of goods or to cancel the contract.

Same rights as in the presence of irreparable defects to the buyer even occur if the same goods are correctable defect after two previous repairs or when they are at least three products at the same time fixing the defect.

Article 7


Products which have defects (defective products or new products used), which precludes the product could be used for its intended purpose, must be sold for lower prices.Buyer should be noted that the product was defective and such defect is, unless it is obvious from the nature of the sale. For such defects in new or existing products, which was negotiated for a lower price, the seller does not.If there is a product sold at a lower price is hidden defect that prevents the functional terms of use for the purpose, the buyer has the right to reclaim in accordance with Articles 3, 4, 5 and 6 hereof. If you get the product sold at a lower cost of other non-recoverable fault, which does not prevent the use for that purpose, the buyer has the right to a reasonable discount on the price.

The thing is the warranty period can be shortened to 12 months, provided that the seller follows the buyer agrees.The seller is then obliged to give a proof for the purchase of the.

If the price of goods due to reduced sales or posezónního doprodeje and if it is to sell the new defect-free goods, the seller is responsible for the defects of the goods thus sold in its entirety.

Article 8


In disputes arising under the complaint procedure by the court.

In Prague, Janury 1st, 2014


Complaints procedure is valid for goods produced from 1.1.2014!
The Complaints Procedure shall take effect on 1.1.2014
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