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ZEMAN® Boots for Pross Dealer Account

ZEMAN® Boots for Pross offers dealers a much more refined as a sales program around the our products. To shop at our store, you must be unlocked with us as a dealer. Please note that the trade in relation to the working and safety equipment should be. We reserve in the absence of focus terms to reject the registration of a trade. To help you set up a merchant account with us, we need the following data.

Send them to us by e-mail: info@zeman.cz

  • Business registration (scan)
  • Sales tax identification number (scan)
  • Company Name
  • Managing Director or other legal representative
  • Shipping address / billing address
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Picture from Store (inside and outside)
  • Expected annual sales volume
  • Region of your action

We will create after receiving full information promptly a merchant account with us, which you can buy in the shop. The login information for the online shop you will receive a separate email from us.