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Boots for Pross ZEMAN® reseller account

ZEMAN® Boots for Pross offers retailers much more favourable terms and conditions for the sale of our goods and products.
If you want to shop in our store, you need to be unlocked with us as a seller. Please note that your experience with business in relation to work and leisure aids is an advantage and a condition. In the absence of this experience, we reserve the right to reject your application. In order to help you set up your trading account with us, we must receive the following information from you.

Send them to us by e-mail:

  • Company registration (scan)
  • Salesperson tax identification number (scan)
  • Company name
  • Managing Director, Director or Other Legal Guardian
  • Delivery address / Billing address
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Website
  • Picture from the store (inside and outside)
  • Expected annual sales volume
  • Region of your activity

We will provide you with complete information immediately after receiving the above information and opening a trading account with us, which you will continue to use for in-store purchases. You will receive your online store login information in a separate email from us.