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Principle of membrane

The Czech shoe company ZEMAN® one of the largest manufacturers of special safety and working leather footwear in the Czech Republic. In 1996, it was the first in the Czech Republic to develop and mass produce safety, working and military footwear with membrane linings GORE-TEX® and SYMPATEX®. The basis of the collection is shoes for fire brigade intervention units and footwear for military special forces.

Sympatex, 2000 and WINDTEX membranes® WITH DRILEX linings® are currently used in ® . Shoes equipped with membrane lining are marked in the catalogue with an emoticon with a drop of water.


Principle of membrane lining:

Completely waterproof membrane laminated between the lining and the upper part of the shoe. It is highly malleable, thanks to which it can absorb the pressure on shoes when walking without unwanted leakage. The membrane is also extremely permeable - the key to this is the duct system, which effectively diverts sweat to the surface. The pores of the membrane do not clog, so breathability is not diminished by use and you will remain dry and comfortable for a long time.


Use of footwear with membrane lining:

The excellent insulating properties of the linings with the membrane combined with the use of hydrophobic (water-repulsive) topsoil and special soles allow for the most perfect insulation of the foot from the external environment so far. The leg remains dry when worn for a long time. Shoes are tested on a walking simulator in a water bath for 500,000 cycles. There must be no penetration of water into the footwear. The footwear is designed for long-term wearing in the field, in extreme climatic conditions of rescuers, firefighters, quick assistance, army response units, police, customs administration, transport, builders, foresters or hunters...


  • For shoes with membrane linings, a standard 24-month warranty on water permeability and breathability for water vapours is provided, when treating shoes as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • In our own development center, we are able to create special variants according to the specific needs of the customer (soles, applications, winter linings, etc.).


  • Common maintenance, appearance and water permeability can be improved with Collonil cream and spray (also available from ZEMAN)


  • Of course, we also carry out warranty and post-warranty repairs.