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110-728 fire and rescue boots


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Protector 110-428

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Height26 cm
Weight2.0 kg
Type(C) High
PropertiesSteel chapel + steel insole
EN 20345Specifies safety footwear for professional use, which is marked with the letter "S". The basic parameter of safety footwear is the built-in impact-resistant tip 200J.
S3Antistatic properties, resistance of the sole to fuels, absorption of heel energy, penetration and absorption of water, puncture resistance
AAntistatic shoes
HIThermal resistance of the lower part of the shoe
FOResistance of footwear to fuels and oils
HIPPOResistance of the sole to contact heat up to 300 ° C
HVHighly visible elements
EN 15090Specifies safety shoes for fire extinguishing applications that are marked with the letter "F"

New, affordable footwear with a membrane that has a heat regulation function and allows sweat to drain to the outer layer. The shoe has antistatic properties, it is a half-high shoe that fits well and is suitable even when worn for a longer period. Technical description: The advantage of the shoes is maximum safety, optimal wearing comfort, the shoes are light and comfortable, have a quick boot system and are easy to clean. Footwear for firefighters with antistatic properties, height type C. - metal toe that protects against shocks with energy up to 200J and a force of 15 kN - Kevlar insole resistant to penetration with force up to 1100 N - ankle and tendon protection system - ACHILLES - thermal protection level HI3 - double closing system - zipper and laces Upper material: natural cowhide, heat and water resistant. Bottom layer: waterproof, windproof but breathable TE-POR membrane with heat regulation function, allows sweat drainage to the outer layer (thermoregulation), protects against heat and cold. Outsole: top quality heat resistant rubber, resistant to high temperatures, oils, weak acids and alkalis. Shoe production system: gluing. The shoes are available in sizes 40 - 46. Upper height approx. - 25 cm Weight approx. - 2140 g

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110-728 fire and rescue boots

110-728 fire and rescue boots

Protector 110-428

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