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  • easy-clean upper
  • increased breathability
  • increased durability of the upper
  • integrated insole
  • PRT FLEX technology
  • self-cleaning salt
  • unisex footwear

More information

Materialgrain leather
Outsolepu/pu, PRT FLEX technology, SHOCK ABSORBER technology, SELF CLEAN technology (self-cleaning sole)
Footwear certificationEN 20347 - The standard provides for professional footwear with the designation 'O'. The basic parameter of work shoes is that it does not have a steel toe.
AAntistatic shoes
EAbsorption of energy in the heel
FOResistance of footwear to fuels and oils
SRCNon-slip sole on the floor with ceramic tiles with SLS and on steel floor with glycerol (SRC same as SRA + SRB)
NormaEN ISO 20347:2012
Certifikace19/2022/PPE/1439/B edition 1
Produktová řadaACTIVE
Stélkafabric, integrated insole
Špička obuviresistant to deformation, light, elastic
Konstrukce botylow-top footwear
Určeno prounisex
Active slippers is a line of specialized products recommended for professionals whose work and daily duties require constant movement, as well as standing for many hours. Their light weight helps to reduce leg fatigue. The shock absorber technology absorbs vibrations and unevenness, protects against injuries and ensures high comfort - even during many hours of work. Excellent performance parameters make Active line ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and the food industry.

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