KALYTOS WTR Gloves black/yellow


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Long, warm and yet very flexible, comfortable work gloves that offer excellent grip and overall good hand and finger mobility. A flexible and breathable material is used in the mid-finger area and on the top of the gloves, so that the hands do not sweat as much. There is a material reinforcement on the top of the fingertips to protect this sensitive part of the hands from mechanical damage. The lower part of the fingers has a material structure that allows comfortable and precise control of the touchscreen mobile phone. Other useful features of these gloves include water repellency, i.e. water runs off the gloves after a spill and moisture does not stick to them. As far as fixation of the gloves is concerned, a durable fastening is used here - Velcro tightening. In addition, the entire wrist area is made of a very pleasant and durable material (neoprene). And in order to maintain good cohesion in the wrist area even during strenuous work and frequent glove donning, a durable reinforcing piece is sewn in. When working in cold environments, the very pleasant microfibre lining warms the hands and increases thermal comfort. These work gloves can thus find their use in construction, industry, agriculture, craft professions, logistics, as well as in hobby use.

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KALYTOS WTR Gloves black/yellow

KALYTOS WTR Gloves black/yellow

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